The Nashville Coalition Against Domestic Violence was organized in January 1992.

It was a composition of representatives from the Davidson County District Attorney’s office, the Department of Human Services, DUI School, General Sessions Court, Legal Aid Services, Madison Shelter, the Mayor’s Office, the Metro Probation Department, Night Court, PEACE, Inc., the Metro Nashville Police Department, the Public Defender’s office, the YWCA Shelter & DV program, Victim Intervention, Victim Witness, and individual volunteer victim advocates in the community.

On December 2, 1993, representatives from these agencies met at Montgomery Bell State Park for a training retreat with two of the most respected researchers/activists in the country, Casey Gwinn and Barbara Hart. The agenda was, “Building a Coordinated Community Response”.  The training incorporated perspectives on creating a common goal, looking at national trends and programs that work, and engaging the larger community. This is the historical foundation of the Nashville Coalition Against Domestic Violence, on which the organization was built, and toward which it continues to work.

Throughout the years, the majority of the above-mentioned agencies has continued to send representatives to the monthly NCADV meetings. In 1997, the NCADV began to address issues such as developing consistent sentencing, batterer intervention programs, and the death review committee. In 2000, the NCADV became a 501(c)(3), giving the coalition nonprofit status. This allowed the coalition to engage in the needed work on education and increasing community awareness.

Although NCADV does not lobby or endorse people running for political positions, it has sponsored events such as Meet the Candidates, where candidates can engage with NCADV members and others, and to ask questions from the candidates about domestic violence. NCADV created and organizes the Meet Us At The Bridge event. This annual October event started in 2005, and its purpose is to recognize agencies, government members, and advocates in the exceptional work of combatting domestic violence. The event always concludes with a memorial service to honor the DV homicide victims of the past year. This event in the past years has added awards for businesses or artists who have lent their support to the work of the NCADV, along with creating an essay contest to engage young people in the issue of domestic violence.  

The NCADV has sponsored domestic violence trainings, community engagement events, and assisted victims by providing a network for agencies and advocates to access other service providers throughout its existence.

The Nashville Coalition Against Domestic Violence has been honored with exceptional leadership during its existence, and has been an enduring face in the struggle to end domestic violence in the Middle Tennessee area for more than two decades.